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The Institute supports optimum care and treatment services for adolescents transitioning from pediatric treatment to adult treatment. Some strategies implemented include,

  • Use of peers to engage with fellow peers in the community and encourage adherence to treatment, and retention in the HIV program.
  • Training of adolescent caregivers, peer mentors and healthcare workers to deliver adolescent friendly services.
  • Adolescent Support Groups and Caregiver Forums: Through support groups, adolescents meet with their peers, share experiences and learn about self-care, their health, life skills, and gain psycho-social support. Through care giver fora, adolescent care givers are equipped with knowledge about disclosure, adherence and skills acquisition.

Other strategies include; rescheduling of clinic days in line with the school calendar, sexual and reproductive health education, ensuring that pregnant adolescents and young women have access to prevention of mother-to-child transmission services.

For more information on adolescent services, go to, http://www.ihvnigeria.org/adolescent-services/

A Peer Educator interacting with adolescents in a Primary Health Facility in Abuja.
IHVN Dr. Jasper Tongidyen facilitates a training session with adolescents.
IHVN Grace Adamu leads a practical session at a training on Community Adolescent Treatment Supporters (CATS) in Rivers State.